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Quilt Saturday


Every so often, the need to be creative in a sewing kind of way emerges. We think on it for a while then we allow time to rise to the top of our schedules to satisfy the need.  An open house for quilting was born in the minds of the Stashing Sisters. Read the rest of this entry


Show and Tell


It was a long, hot,  prolific summer.  Stashers had the proof to show for it at their fall meeting.  See the ‘Show and tell’ portion of the meeting below .  If you have a story about one of your quilts shown, please write about it as a comment and it will be posted with the photo. Read the rest of this entry

Projects and a Pink Smoothie


Several Stashers shared their latest projects at our last meeting.  Beautiful and inspiring.

We also enjoyed Read the rest of this entry

Climbing Ladders of Value


My daughter wanted to create her own quilt. She found the ladder quilt block because it resembled the popular chevron fabric. We went shopping to find the fabric. She preferred the batik colors and choose 4 different shades and patterns of yellow, orange, red, green , blue, and purple.

Jensen Ladder Chevron Quilt


She called this her Read the rest of this entry

Churns, Broken Dishes, and a Missouri Star


Motivated by an empty wall, Emily went into her stash and came up with several quilt projects to help decorate the space.

Emily' s Living Room Wall with Quilt Projects


Her first project was a wall hanging using the Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern.  The why’s and how’s are addressed in an on-line interview:

*What gave you the idea to make this scrappy thing?
It was at my mother-in-law’s house this past fall. I was going crazy without a sewing project.  I had also really been wanting to do something with these blocks and civil war colors.

*Where did the pattern come from (your brain, online, etc)?
I have liked the broken dishes and churn dash blocks ever since I got into quilting. They were both good blocks to use up little scraps. So I drafted out my patterns, knowing I was going to do a small wall hanging. Once I finished the 16 blocks I decided it needed sashing, but I didn’t love the fabric so I made up the little 9 patches to break that up. I accidentally made them 1/4″ to large. Rather than remake them I just cut them down to size. I like that they are that way.

*How did you pick the fabrics?
They were ones I liked from the scrap bin under the bed 🙂 I was kind of choosing ones that were civil war era colors. The sashing is from my fabric bin. It’s leftover from table cloths at our wedding reception.

The composition of quilt hangings and framed text evolved.  In her own words she says, “I’m not much of a decorator, so when I hung my frames on either side of the wall quilt it was too asymmetrical. I had seen people hang things using an embroidery hoop on Pinterest and I had a few lying around. A Pinterest success story for me! So I used up a few more of the wall hanging scraps to make this Missouri star block.”

Emily's Missouri Star Quilt Block - Fixed

“If I had thought a bit more I would have had the stripes all going the same direction but I couldn’t be bothered. However it’s not totally random, so I’m happy with it.
It filled the gap.” 

What do you think about using a striped background?



Loving the Yo Yo


Do you know how old the Yo Yo is? Amazingly, the little round disc most likely originated in China but was first described by the written word in Greece about 500 B.C. according to Valerie Oliver of Spintastics Toys.

Come forward about 1420 years when Mr. Duncan popularized the toy Yo Yo in America and you begin to see Yo Yo quilts popping up, mimicking the toy during it’s rise of popularity in Read the rest of this entry

Denim Cathedral


The children sat quietly squirming on this quilt at church.  Kim brought her beautiful, unique, and durable Cathedral Window quilt to gather the little flock.  Made of denim and flannel, Kim admits she didn’t realize how much she had bitten off when she started the quilt.  Fortitude and determination are notable character traits that blossom and grow when quilting (perhaps this should be posted on the door frame of every sewing room.)

Stashing Sisters - Denim Cathedral Quilt by Kim

Denim Cathedral Quilt by Kim

Stashing Sisters- Denim Cathedral Quilt Close Up by Kim

Close Up of Denim Cathedral Quilt

The Bluebird of Happiness – Retreat Part 3 of 3


The “Sisters Keeper” project was boosted with donations of blocks during the retreat.  This is an ongoing project and block donations are accepted at any time.  It’s a good way to use your leftover fabric and provide a service. Read the rest of this entry