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Quilt Saturday


Every so often, the need to be creative in a sewing kind of way emerges. We think on it for a while then we allow time to rise to the top of our schedules to satisfy the need.  An open house for quilting was born in the minds of the Stashing Sisters. Read the rest of this entry


Unstuffed – Story of a Battenburg Duvet Cover


stashing sisters quilts - Battenburg lace close up

While shopping at my favorite store that “puts people to work”, I found a white Battenburg lace duvet cover.  Having experienced life on someone else’s bed before living at my house, it had a few freckles that mostly washed out with tender care and OxiClean. Read the rest of this entry

The Bluebird of Happiness – Retreat Part 3 of 3


The “Sisters Keeper” project was boosted with donations of blocks during the retreat.  This is an ongoing project and block donations are accepted at any time.  It’s a good way to use your leftover fabric and provide a service. Read the rest of this entry

California Quilting


These quilts are what our California Stasher has been busy with.   Very cool Cindy!!  This is only a portion of what she’s created.   She keeps trying to use up her stash but . . . it seems to keep growing.

Look for a second post in the future featuring more of Cindy’s creations.

Apple Harvest Table Topper


Here’s a quilt project that’s a cutie.  It’s a table topper of apples and jars of applesauce that is both hand and machine quilted.  Emily made this for her mom’s table in remembrance of their family picking local apples and making applesauce.  The colors are remarkably accurate for the pink applesauce and were chosen by her keen eyed husband.

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Since the project was small, Emily decided to incorporate hand quilting for the diagonal lattice pattern, giving it charm.  The long arm was used to quilt the borders.  Note the hand embroidered apple stems on the quilted table runner.