We all know what a quilt is and we love them. But to make one for the first, second, or third time can be intimidating. We want to encourage your creative efforts with ideas and know-how.  We offer several on-line lessons and time with real women who are more than happy to show you how they do it (every quilter does it a little differently as we’ve found out).  You will find your own way but not unless you begin somewhere soon.


There are many creative minds in this group, always coming up with new ideas, methods, and patterns.  We’ll be publishing the ideas as regular blogs so watch for each new segment.  In the future, we will have a line of original block patterns available, including themes of the south and current events.


Basic sewing know how ranging from “How to Sew a 1/4 inch Seam” to “Paper Piecing” and “Sewing Curves”.  Many of the Stashers have experience with clothing construction and are pretty darn good with a sewing machine.  We’ll also cover:  Care of your sewing machine, Quilting by Hand, Tying a quilt, Sewing curves, Using a rotary cutter and rulers, and more.


The Stashing Sisters weren’t born yesterday.  They have some valuable experience embedded in their stashes and sage wisdom for life.  Just ask.


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