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Show and Tell


It was a long, hot,  prolific summer.  Stashers had the proof to show for it at their fall meeting.  See the ‘Show and tell’ portion of the meeting below .  If you have a story about one of your quilts shown, please write about it as a comment and it will be posted with the photo. Read the rest of this entry


The Counting Quilt


Here is a neat quilt made for Emily’s new baby.  Grandma, who also happens to be a math teacher, made this counting quilt.  It starts with 1 small block in the upper left hand corner block and adds one small block to each successive larger block.

A 9 Patch Counting Quilt

The border, made of little pieces of fabric from the blocks, give a festive confetti type look to the quilt.  Some of the fabrics used in this quilt were also used in a memory quilt made for Emily when she was in high school.

If you ever wondered why this pattern is called a 9 patch, wonder no more, just count along with the blocks.

Bunnies for Baby


What do you choose when making a baby quilt for a baby  and don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy?  Well, this young quilter picked out a very cute aqua fabric of bunnies designed by Frederick Warne for Quilting Treasures.  The Cotton Tale Patch panel is surrounded by a prairie point  border.

The baby quilt has lots of batting because it was designed to be a floor quilt.  A combination of tying and big running stitches with knit cro-sheen was used for the quilting.

Shortly after finishing the quilt, this young lady found out she was going to have a baby sister!  I think baby will be pleased.

IMG_4901 Stashing Sisters CottonTale Patch Baby Quilt 2014

Love of Family and Fabric – The Retreat Part 1 of 3


Although no theme was mentioned or established for the 2014 Quilt Retreat, one emerged as the Stashing Sisters began working on their projects – FAMILY.

Most of the projects were for their families, either their own children or grandchildren.  The Sisters of the Quilt Guild all share the love of fabric and they also share love through fabric.

Spring and Canoe Baby Quilt


Last fall Ginger and her newest grand baby to be, took a canoe trip on the Sante Fe and Ichetucknee rivers where springs pump clean blue water from the earth’s interior. Actually the little river runner’s parents-to-be were there too.  This baby quilt was based on that experience.

The idea for the center of the quilt, which is a spring, came from a recent cover of ‘Quilter’s Newsletter’ magazine.  Waterfowl were aplenty on the trip as well as grassy flora. A fabric from the online store was perfect.   The  canoe is accurately proportioned to the real thing.
Spring and Canoe Baby Quilt

A Piece of Texas


Colleen visited her stash and came up with 2 new projects.  She made the first project for a new grandchild.

She says, “This quilt is for my new grandson.  He is the 4th boy, and they live in Texas.  I thought he needed a Texas themed quilt, so I put on horses and Texas stars.

Texas Themed Baby Quilt

She describes the second project:

Last fall my sisters and I signed up to take a class from Kim Diehl on appliqué.  I got sick and had to come home early and missed the class on this quilt, “Bittersweet Briar”.  I already had purchased the background and the green, so I started in January and finished it this Spring.  All the other fabrics are scraps and a few fat quarters I purchased.  It was my first attempt at a primarily appliquéd quilt.  Kim had a tan background, but I switched to a black one.  I quilted in between the stripes in the background, and loved the way it turned out.

Colleen's Square Applique Quilt

Thanks for sharing Colleen.