Denim Cathedral


The children sat quietly squirming on this quilt at church.  Kim brought her beautiful, unique, and durable Cathedral Window quilt to gather the little flock.  Made of denim and flannel, Kim admits she didn’t realize how much she had bitten off when she started the quilt.  Fortitude and determination are notable character traits that blossom and grow when quilting (perhaps this should be posted on the door frame of every sewing room.)

Stashing Sisters - Denim Cathedral Quilt by Kim

Denim Cathedral Quilt by Kim

Stashing Sisters- Denim Cathedral Quilt Close Up by Kim

Close Up of Denim Cathedral Quilt


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    • I do think it is a bit heavy. We use it mainly for rough uses. As far as the amount of fabric used, to be honest, I didn’t really notice how much denim I was using at the time. Because I was using old jeans that I had collected, I really was just thinking more along the lines of using items that would have otherwise been thrown out. It could have been a lot, I don’t remember. The flannel batting and top (window) fabric didn’t really require that much.

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