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Learning About Mystery Quilts




Batik Fabric Color Pieces


The biggest mystery was not knowing what a mystery quilt was.  Clarification came at the latest meeting of the Stashing Sisters where Cindy explained: Read the rest of this entry

Awesome Americana


A couple of years ago, the Stashing Sisters decided to work on a group project.  The theme was “Americana” quilt.  The size and colors were determined and each participating Stasher made 2 sets of blocks to exchange with each other.   This is an exciting  activity Read the rest of this entry

Blue Dragonflies

Stasher Bridget shares the following about her newest creating:
My 9 year old son has been asking me to make him a quilt.  He saw a picture of a quilt he liked on Pinterest and so I ordered the pattern.  When I got it, I realized it had all these strange borders on it that you couldn’t see in the picture and I felt they detracted from the quilt rather than improved it.  And the instructions were crazy – 13 pages of text making the quilt much harder than it needed to be.  So I took the dragonfly applique template and then made up my own pattern for the rest. I often use Excel to plan out my quilts – basically setting the spreadsheet up like graph paper. Then I can play with colors and sizes on the screen.

Read the rest of this entry

Green and White – Retreat 2017


The cold wave brought snow to the mountains creating an enchanting drive up to the Stashing Sisters 2017 Quilt Retreat.  The trees and shoulders were powdered with snow and the weepy banks’ drips of pure water were turned into gingerbread like icicles. Read the rest of this entry

1940’s Embroidered U.S. Map Quilt Block


Stashing Sisters are multi-gifted and skilled.  Kay is one of those Stashers.  She finished the incredible and beautiful embroidered map of the United States started by her mother many years ago.

Kay comments on the 24″ x  36″ piece :

“How I wish I had asked my mother Read the rest of this entry

Show and Tell


It was a long, hot,  prolific summer.  Stashers had the proof to show for it at their fall meeting.  See the ‘Show and tell’ portion of the meeting below .  If you have a story about one of your quilts shown, please write about it as a comment and it will be posted with the photo. Read the rest of this entry