Quilt Saturday


Every so often, the need to be creative in a sewing kind of way emerges. We think on it for a while then we allow time to rise to the top of our schedules to satisfy the need.  An open house for quilting was born in the minds of the Stashing Sisters.

On a beautiful Saturday the Stashers were able to chat, snack, and work their projects .  Ahhh, satisfaction . . . until next time.

Hannah's Card Trick Quilt Project

This youthful Stasher  made border and binding decisions for her beautiful ‘Card Trick’ quilt.


Stashing Sisters' Americana Quilt

Another setting of the ‘Americana’ group block exchange. Just in time for the fourth of July.

Do you think?

Green, yellow, blue and red,

Do you think when you’re in bed?

Do you think in the bath?

Good ideas will light your path.

Do you think in the shower?

Great ideas will give you power.

Do you think on things you’ve read?

Books will definitely fill your head.

Do you think while eating food?

Or only when you’re in the mood?

Do you think when at the table?

Don’t forget that you are able.

Do you think when you’re at school?

If you don’t then you’re a fool.

-Debra Lynne Langley



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