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Quite the Gathering – Retreat 2016, Part I


This year’s quilt retreat hosted a hoard of stashers.  The addition of one extra day provided opportunity for several stashing sisters to bite into their projects early while others arrived as their schedules allowed.

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Time to Make


There are some things that take time to make.  Take for instance the making of bread.  The ingredients are quickly mixed together but it takes time for the yeast to grow and develop  the little dough rising air pockets.  Some breads call for a ‘resting’ time too.Pan of Rolls

Quilting can be a lot like bread making. Read the rest of this entry

Up and Coming: Events Near You


So Much to Do and So Little Time!!!!

Here are some up and coming events FYI:

ORIGINAL SEWING & QUILT EXPO March 13-15, click here for full info.


SHOP HOP March 15-22.  For more information, click here.

Shop Hop Flyer

STASHING SISTERS QUILT RETREAT March 28 – 29.  Contact Amy for details.

DSCF0251Stashing Sisters Quilt Retreat Amy, Debbie,

QUILT IN IRELAND only $2998 for 10 days, June 3-12.  For details, put your mouse here.

screenshot2424 Stashing Sisters Quilt Trip to Ireland