A Piece of Texas


Colleen visited her stash and came up with 2 new projects.  She made the first project for a new grandchild.

She says, “This quilt is for my new grandson.  He is the 4th boy, and they live in Texas.  I thought he needed a Texas themed quilt, so I put on horses and Texas stars.

Texas Themed Baby Quilt

She describes the second project:

Last fall my sisters and I signed up to take a class from Kim Diehl on appliqué.  I got sick and had to come home early and missed the class on this quilt, “Bittersweet Briar”.  I already had purchased the background and the green, so I started in January and finished it this Spring.  All the other fabrics are scraps and a few fat quarters I purchased.  It was my first attempt at a primarily appliquéd quilt.  Kim had a tan background, but I switched to a black one.  I quilted in between the stripes in the background, and loved the way it turned out.

Colleen's Square Applique Quilt

Thanks for sharing Colleen.


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