The Counting Quilt


Here is a neat quilt made for Emily’s new baby.  Grandma, who also happens to be a math teacher, made this counting quilt.  It starts with 1 small block in the upper left hand corner block and adds one small block to each successive larger block.

A 9 Patch Counting Quilt

The border, made of little pieces of fabric from the blocks, give a festive confetti type look to the quilt.  Some of the fabrics used in this quilt were also used in a memory quilt made for Emily when she was in high school.

If you ever wondered why this pattern is called a 9 patch, wonder no more, just count along with the blocks.


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  1. Love this idea for children.It is simple and yet so creative. The border is adorable as well. Did she find striped fabric? Extra special due to who made it and the fabric used. What a treasure!

    • The baby was new when the quilt was made. We’re looking for some more new baby quilts to share, especially ones made for girls. Perhaps you know someone . . .

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