Top 10 Things To Do at a Quilt Retreat


DSCF5844 Stashing Sisters - 4 squares of house quilt

The Stashing Sisters Retreat is coming up on March 28-29th.

What do you do at a Quilt Retreat?  Obviously something ‘Quilty”.  OK, let’s get serious and make a list of priorities.  Starting with #10  and then to the hefty #1. . . 

#10.  Set Up Your Sewing Machine and Ironing Board  (At least it will look like you’re doing something)

#9.  Eat (We’re actually going to have soup and salad with our chocolate)

#8.  Sleep  (‘Veterans of Retreats’ have learned that this is valuable)

#7.  Spa Treatment (Move over Doctor Oz)

#6.  Laugh (If the skit doesn’t tickle your funny bone, the stories told will)

#5.  Rotary (This means cutting perfectly good pieces of fabric into little pieces)

#4.  Chat (There is no better way to catch up, get therapy, find new ideas)

#3.  Learn Something New (Some of us may be old dogs but we can still learn a trick or two)

#2.  Be Inspired (A morning devotional will help us keep it all in perspective)

#1. Sew Like a Maniac  (without looking like one amongst sisters who understand you)


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  1. I like this list. I would add (and I’m not sure where on the list it would go) “Let the worries of the world disappear.” I am so looking forward to our time together.

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