Green and White – Retreat 2017


The cold wave brought snow to the mountains creating an enchanting drive up to the Stashing Sisters 2017 Quilt Retreat.  The trees and shoulders were powdered with snow and the weepy banks’ drips of pure water were turned into gingerbread like icicles. What a beautiful and serene site.

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Wait a minute . . . it was Saint Patrick’s Day . . .There was not supposed to be snow!!  Thanks to a roaring fire, thick sweaters, and portable heaters, all stayed warm and creative.  The special stashers who prepared food made sure all had enough calories to keep body temps up.  It was so delicious.    Look for the recipes and special health tips in this post.

“Small and Simple Things” was the theme of the 2017 Retreat.  Stasher Kay displayed some small items that had meaning for her.  Then she compared how the small pieces of a quilt are important just like the small decisions we make in our daily lives to do good and give service.  All shared a ‘small and simple’ experience that influenced their life for good.

Grandma's Sewing Tools

Small Sewing Tools that Belonged to Kay’s Grandmother

Links to some recipes from the 2017 Stashing Sisters Quilt Retreat:

Cancer Fighting Chocolate Mousse (from Green Smoothie Girl)

Sole Himalayan Salt Health Drink

Morning Berry Smoothie – A favorite of one of our Stashing Sisters

Shamrock Shake

Mint Chocolate Shamrock

Emerald Green Smoothie

Green Irish Cream Smoothie





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