Blue Dragonflies

Stasher Bridget shares the following about her newest creating:
My 9 year old son has been asking me to make him a quilt.  He saw a picture of a quilt he liked on Pinterest and so I ordered the pattern.  When I got it, I realized it had all these strange borders on it that you couldn’t see in the picture and I felt they detracted from the quilt rather than improved it.  And the instructions were crazy – 13 pages of text making the quilt much harder than it needed to be.  So I took the dragonfly applique template and then made up my own pattern for the rest. I often use Excel to plan out my quilts – basically setting the spreadsheet up like graph paper. Then I can play with colors and sizes on the screen.

My son picked out some beautiful blue/gray/cream fabrics: a jelly roll from the Aubade Moda Collection.  Then I grabbed some background and border fabric and spent two days of my Spring Break putting the quilt together.  Since I had bought a jelly roll, all I had to do was sew the strips together, then cut the finished arrangement into 8 1/2″ wide strips (5 of them).  My son wanted them to fade from dark blue to cream so we put them in order rather than arrange them randomly.
Then on the third day we cut out the dragonfly template from extra green and yellow fabrics from my quilt stash and appliqued them onto the quilt.  Now we just have to add the batting and backing and quilt it.  I am using a gray flannel for the back because he wanted it soft and cuddly.  🙂
It was a fun project!

Blue Variegated Quilt Made by Bridget


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