1940’s Embroidered U.S. Map Quilt Block


Stashing Sisters are multi-gifted and skilled.  Kay is one of those Stashers.  She finished the incredible and beautiful embroidered map of the United States started by her mother many years ago.

Kay comments on the 24″ x  36″ piece :

“How I wish I had asked my mother more questions about it. The fabric is a very smooth muslin and was obviously a kit of some kind. The designs were stamped in blue ink. The map was to be the center “block” of a quilt. There were a number of other smaller blocks that would have made up the remainder of the quilt had she finished it. The smaller blocks were of children (I think there was a boy & a girl on each block) from many countries around the world in their native costumes. Mom finished embroidering these blocks first. She gave it all to me in the early 1970’s. I used the small blocks to make my daughter a tied quilt when she was a little girl and it became her favorite blanket …. she called it her ‘people’ blankie.  Sadly the embroidery began wearing off after years of being loved . . .Embroidered U.S. Map by Stashing Sister Kay

I don’t recall ever seeing my mother do any embroidery, so I think she had stopped working on the quilt blocks before I was born. Her mother taught my twin brother and me how to embroider when we were 5 or 6 years old. We made tea towels with little black children on them (French knots for their hair). I think Mom probably started the embroidery in the early 1940’s. I started embroidering the map in the mid 1970’s. There were many years when I didn’t work on it at all. My mother told me she used sewing thread (dressmakers thread) rather than embroidery floss because the strands were thinner/finer than floss and it allowed her to make very tiny stitches. I think the cotton sewing thread was a higher quality in the 40’s & 50’s than it is now. I have a pair of black evening gloves that she crocheted from sewing thread that look like lace. ‘Embroidered U.S. Map by Stashing Sister Kay - Close Up

Products from each state are highlighted with hand sewn icons.


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