Quilt Raffle and Birdnests


At our last Stashing Sisters Quilt Guild meeting, Colleen shared the following two items of interest:

  • East Cobb Quilt Guild‘s promo card for their upcoming bi-annual Quilt Exhibit, featuring the beautiful raffle quilt on it’s face.  The show will be June 11-13, 2015.  Mark your calendars and start saving your dollars to buy your raffle tickets!


  • ‘Little Magic Bobbin Genies’.  Apparently a mass of tangled threads on the underside of your sewing project made by your machine is called a ‘bird nest”.  There are a variety of reasons this can happen including:  bobbin threaded incorrectly, the bottom thread not being pulled up to the top fabric, and too much slack in between the bobbin and the bobbin case.  The latter reason is where ‘Little Magic Bobbin Genies’ are really helpful.  The Genies are little flat washers inserted into the bobbin case to stabilize the free spinning of the bobbin.  They can be bought at Amazon.com.

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