Affordable Vacation Home – The Log Cabin


Ever wanted a little place in the woods to escape to? If that little place is not in your immediate future consider building your own log cabin.  Lincoln logs are an obvious choice of building materials but for a more discerning and mature builder, the cozier option is to quilt one.

Stashing Sisters Quilt Guild - Lob Cabin Block by Bridgette Creviston

Log Cabin Quilt Block by Bridgette of Stashing Sisters

From the website we learn, “. . .  Americans have long considered this pattern the quintessential American design. Quilters are told that it represents log cabins on the prairie with red center squares for the hearth, light values on one side for the sunny side of the house and dark values on the opposite side for the shady side of the house . . . Log Cabin quilt designs, however, have been found across the Atlantic quite a bit earlier than we have documented them in the US. Our earliest signed/dated Log Cabin quilt was made in 1869, according to Barbara Brackman.”  Learn more about the history of the Log Cabin at

Inspired and directed by the book “Log Cabin Fever” by Evelyn Sloppy of That Patchwork Place,     Bridgette has made several log cabins for friends, family, and self.  All good builders need a system of organization and Bridgette uses ‘Ziplock” baggies to sort her strips by length and value (light or dark).

Nice building Bridgette.


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  1. Cleverly written! Bridget has inspired me with her use if the log cabin. The designs in the book are beautiful and I love how the author created such beautiful patterns based on the log cabin.

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