Quilting in the News


IMG_2796 Stashing Sisters

From the Wall Street Journal, 19 June 2014:

A recent study found that seniors who stimulated their brains with learning might just offset Alzhiemers.   The top two activities with the most benefits were QUILTING and PHOTOGRAPHY.  The news article “Brain Games That Could Pay Off In Retirement” by Elizabeth O’Brian tells the story.  Click here to read the entire article.  Perhaps the author Elizabeth O’Brian is a quilter too.


From The Baltimore Sun, 29 June 2007

An oldie but local.  Be careful about who you let wheel and deal your quilts.   Lucinda Franklin from Gee’s Bend, Alabama accused Mat Arnett, an art dealer from Atlanta of taking her heirloom quilts and holding them hostage for two years.  Who would you trust?   Read the full article here.


NBC Nightly News, 24 Feb 2014:

Jenny Doan from the Missouri Quilt Company has grown so much that she made her way from YouTube to the nightly news.

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  1. I should stop complaining about the difficulty in determining the size of little squares I need to cut to achieve the block patterns I’ve chosen. Maybe that’s helping to keep my brain alive. 😀

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