2 Ways to Re-Size a Quilt Block Pattern


So, you want to make a 12 inch block and found a great pattern but there’s a problem.  The pattern is the wrong size.  Guessing at enlargement can be a frustrating and inaccurate experience.

screenshot2438 Library of Congress

Here are two ways to a speedy conversion:


  • Use a machine that you can change the size by percentage %.
  • Lay your pattern pieces on the face of the machine and use the following percentages for conversion to a 12 inch pattern (this was figured out by a math brained engineer  I know)
    • Enlarge an 8″ block by 150%
    • Enlarge a 10″ block by 120%
    • Reduce a 14″ block by 86%
  • CHECK your sizing by measuring the pieces.
  • ALWAYS make  1 trial block with a new pattern BEFORE cutting them all out.


  • Count out 12 little blocks on your paper (or the equivilent to 12 to make it larger) with each block representing 1 inch.
  • Draw your pattern on the 12 blocks.
  • On graph paper, measure out your pattern in actual size (if you are using 1/4″ block graph paper, 4 blocks will equal 1″.
  • Cut out each piece in actual size.
  • CHECK your pattern and make 1 trial block BEFORE cutting them all out.

Note:  many copy machines will print graph paper  (as well as notebook paper and music manuscript paper, etc) or you can print free graph paper from the internet.

screenshot2439 National Library of Congress



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  1. Thank you for all the recent posts! These were questions I had while searching for the blocks I want to use in our Americana quilt block exchange.

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