Simple Sisters and Brothers Pattern


No, this is not about following the example of the person you share a pew with at church.  It’s about an easy quilt block pattern that has been used for many years, often called by other names such as ‘railroad’ tracks or ‘fence posts’.  In this case, make as many strips of different fabric as you have children or siblings.  The more strips, the narrower they should be, the fewer strips, the wider they should be, ranging from 3″ – 1.2″.  Sew the strips together and then cut into squares (the size of the square will depend on the width of your sewn together strips).  Then assemble the blocks in your desired design.

Of course, if you are so inclined, you could design the size of strips and blocks with paper, pencil, and creative effort.  What ever  works for you.

This pattern could be used for friends as well.  Each friend represented by a certain fabric.


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